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14 April 2010Local Pubs - Planned demolition

Pubs under threat in Chesterton

Breaking News on the Fleur

A Development control Forum was held at the Guildhall on 14 April to discuss the proposal for demolition of the pub and the developer's proposed replacement following a petition by residents objecting to the proposals.

No decisions can be taken at a Development Control Forum, it is an informal meeting between the parties and the City Council with members of the Planning Committee in attendance. There was an excellent turnout from residents and councillors asked some very pertinent questions of the developer's representative. It is clear that the developer will need to give serious thought to his proposals following this meeting.

Issues raised will be the subject of another item on this page.

09/1200/FUL to demolish the Penny Ferry (formerly Pike and Eel) in Water Street and replace it with five four bedroom town houses on a concretde platform that will allow flood water to pass underneath them.

The closing date for comments via the website has passed but you can still send comments to the case officer Amy Lack at amy.lack@cambridge.gov.uk

10/0082/FUL to demolish the Fleur de Lys in Elizabeth Way and replace it with accommodation for 34 students in a mix of flats and studios. Closing date for comments 16 March or write to case officer Catherine Linford at catherine.linford@cambridge.gov.uk

These applications can be viewed at Guildhall or the North Area Housing Office in Arbury Road, just beyond Arbury Court or by following the external link to Cambridge City Council website.

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