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07 May 2010General Election Update

Our congratulations to Julian Huppert, a former county councillor for East Chesterton, on becoming MP for Cambridge.

Julian has taken a continuing interest in the fortunes of East Chesterton and lives just across the river.  He became founding Chairman of the Friends of Stourbridge Common and took time out from his campaign to chair its very successful General Meeting on 16 April.

For those with a thirst for figures the result (courtesy of the BBC) was

 Name  Party  Votes
 Julian Huppert  Liberal Democrat  19,621
 Nick Hillman  Conservative  12,829
 Daniel Zeichner  Labour  12,174
 Tony Juniper  Green  3,804
 Peter Burkinshaw  UK Independence Party  1,195
 Martin Booth  Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition  362
 Holborn Old  Independent  145
   Majority  6,792
   Turnout  50,130


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