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07 May 2010Local Election Update

Congratulations to Max Boyce, Susannah Kerr, Damien Tunnacliffe and Roman Znajek on their election to serve Chesterton as City Councillors. Damien and Roman  are filling vacancies caused by the retirements of  Diane Armstrong and Jennifer Liddle. We thank Diane and Jennifer for their service to Chesterton over the past few years. For Roman it is a return to the political arena as he was the pioneering Liberal Democrat councillor for East Chesterton which had earlier been a 'three-way' marginal.

The results of our ward elections are:

East Chesterton result

Gerri Bird (Labour)                                            859
Dan Cooper (Labour)                                       776
Matt Ellis (Green)                                               581
Kevin A Francis (Conservative)                       984
Anna Gordon (Cambridge Socialists)           137
Susannah Kerr * (Liberal Democrat)         1,477 (elected)
Una M McCormack (Conservative)                806
Peter H Pope (Green)                                      634
Roman Znajek (Liberal Democrat)            1,305 (elected)

West Chesterton result

Max Boyce * (Liberal Democrat)                  1,881 (elected)
Anette Karimi (Conservative)                          752
Jahanshah Karimi (Conservative)                 652
Paul F McHugh (Labour)                                  853
Sarah Peake (Green)                                    1,201
Stephen Peake (Green)                                   674
Mike Sargeant (Labour)                                    836
Damien Tunnacliffe (Liberal Democrat)    1,559 (elected)

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